About Us

Atelje Galerija brings together modern visual artists and designers from various creative fields, helping shape the cultural beat in Ljubljana’s attractive historical centre. The gallery showcases a variety of selected works by artists who have been connected with it since the very beginning, and also those who joined it later. Its aim is to present these artists and publicize their work, and its mission is to support and represent young original artists whose development it further promotes through its online store.

Atelje Galerija was established in 1998 and is located in a picturesque building on the right bank of the Ljubljanica River. Its programme initially focused on two related creative spheres: architecture or design and the visual arts (painting, sculpture, and photography). Slavojka Akrapovič often incorporated artwork by various artists into her architectural projects. By opening the gallery, she established a link between two aspects of her work: architecture and interior and garden design on the one hand and art on the other.
Over the past twenty years, the gallery has staged over sixty exhibitions and installations of artwork and design on its premises or elsewhere, either independently or as part of larger cultural events taking place in Ljubljana.
In 2008, the architecture studio moved to a different location, and Atelje Galerija thus turned into a commercial gallery seeking to enhance its profile on the modern visual art and unique design market.

Atelje Galerija